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How Steven got SHREDDED without doing hours of cardio or eating chicken and broccoli while working as a busy ER doctor

Steven came to us feeling down about his body, unsure of where to go in the gym and how to structure his diet. With our help and support, as well as a tailored and structured diet plan completely tailored to his needs, Steven transformed his body and his confidence within three months, despite working extremely long hours as an ER doctor.

Check out Stevens interview below

What were your expectations going into the programme, and what was your motivation?


My motivation was that I’d actually just come out of a relationship, and I wanted something that was just for me. I’ve always trained on and off over the years and I’ve always been really focussed and been able to actually get to the gym. What I didn’t have is the direction or someone behind me to actually push me towards what I really wanted, which was to get the figure that I’m getting now. 


Can you tell me how you were feeling, both mentally and physically before starting?


Mentally I was in a pretty bad place in terms of training when I started. I had injured myself about a year beforehand doing a Tough Mudder. I hurt my ankle, meaning my training had completely gone to pot. I was dragging myself to the gym every day, but just going through the motions, and not really having any sort of direction in my workouts. Physically, I’ve never had a problem getting to the gym, but all of my workouts were focussed around cardio. I’d lost all sense of direction with the weight-based work. 


What was your diet and lifestyle like before you started your transformation?


My big issue has always been my diet. I really love my food, and I think what the programme has shown me is that actually I had a big misconception on the calories in foods, and what my portions were like. I always thought that I ate vaguely healthily, and it’s amazing what you actually discover is in your food when you actually properly focus on it. Exercise-wise, it was too much cardio and not enough direction with the weights.


What effect did the programme have on your health, lifestyle, and energy in and out of the gym?


I think the one thing the programme has given me is a lot more focus. I work really long hours, I often do 12, maybe 14 hour days in work and the mental focus that this has taught me has actually helped in that aspect. It’s given me something else to focus on which actually helps with my stress levels, as I’ve got something outside of work that is just for me. It’s also helped keep me sane, as I know if I’m having a stressful day at work I’ve got something to look forward to after it. 


How did you find the training, and did it fit around your lifestyle?


The nice thing about online training is that I’ve been in the gym for long enough now that I don’t need someone to stand there and count my reps. What I did need is somebody to keep me going in the right direction, which is exactly what Get Results Training does. It’s nice having support and the accountability, because it’s easy after a long day to just say “I’m not going to do it”, but knowing my training is being monitored and that I have to check in every week just keeps me on the ball. 


What were your results like after your transformation?

This is the end of my second programme. I signed up for 12 weeks initially, and right in the last couple of weeks, it all just exploded and came together. I was so close to being where I wanted to be, I could almost see abs! That was a big thing for me. I think more than the physical transformation, has been the mental transformation that’s been more important for me, because I’ve always had a big hang up about my stomach. I remember 9 weeks into the programme I went on holiday and somebody grabbed my stomach. Normally, that would’ve sent me into a bit of a tailspin, and actually it didn’t bother me. I think that was the big point for me. Even though I’ve come a long way physically, that mental transformation for me has been way more valuable than all the physical stuff.


How has doing this transformation changed you, and how will it benefit you going forward?


Physically, there’s been a massive change. I actually have abs now, which I never thought I’d have. Actually, I always thought that I wanted a big, bulky figure, and I think the reason I wanted that is is because it was easier when you’re carrying a bit of fat, to just resign to getting bigger. Actually now that I’ve stripped down I’ve realised that’s not actually what I’ve always wanted. What I actually wanted is pretty close to what I’ve got at the moment. Mentally I’m more focussed. I feel like I’ve got a healthier relationship with food now, which is amazing. I’m making healthier choices not because I have to, but because I want to.


Would you recommend Get Results Training?

Definitely. I think the approach to the training with all of the online support, I honestly can’t fault it. If you want people that are going to push you in the right direction and work around your lifestyle, then Get Results Training is definitely the place for you.


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